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Streamline Dating Project Development With Antheia Services

According to Statista forecasts, the online dating platform is expected to grow to up to $755 Billion by 2024. Because of the pandemic, dating apps are more acceptable in society than ever before. Antheia B2C can help you with the project development process and to ultimately flourish in the matchmaking industry if you have a solid dating service concept. 

The statistics show that 19% of couples meet their partners on a dating website. According to IBISWorld, the dating service industry has grown at an annual rate of 11% over the last five years. Nowadays, 40% of Americans utilize online dating services (more men – 52.4 percent, than women- 47.6 percent ). Consider that over 11 million people in the United States use a dating app at least once every month. This proves that online dating is on the rise. 

Project Development with Antheia Platform

The dating project development process takes time, commitment, and expertise. It involves strategy formulation, development, platform building, designing, and launch, all of which require a qualified and experienced team in the field. With its dedicated e-commerce platform development team, Antheia offers B2C development and implementation solutions with cutting-edge e-commerce technology. 

Customers Experience

With Antheia brands, you can enhance your customer experience. Investing in customer experience projects has the potential to boost your income in 36 months. Moreover, 86% of purchasers are prepared to spend more for a positive client experience. According to a PWC study, the more costly the item, the more eager people are to spend. Customers, for example, are prepared to pay a price premium of up to 13% (and sometimes as much as 18%) for luxury and indulgence services merely by having a flattering customer experience.

Antheia Services

Social Media Integration and Customization

Antheia services enable you to grow your dating platform with social media integration and allow customization for your site. With Antheia, your growth is multilateral and not dependent on a single channel. Companies communicate with their clients using a variety of channels, including forms on their webpage, live chat, social networking sites, and others. In fact, according to PWC’s 2020 study, the number of organizations spending on the omnichannel experience has increased from 20% to more than 80%. 


For any app to operate well, the technology behind it must be up to date and efficient, as well as have crucial dating app features. However, the most vital phase in the technical process is the development of matching algorithms. Large datasets need enormous resources for generation and analysis; hence, Antheia uses Big Data analytics to boost the likelihood of the proper match.


As one of the enterprise leaders in e-commerce platforms, Antheia offers domain expertise in market understanding, integration, migration, and support and an all-around B2C development solution that boosts your growth. With the Antheia dating platform, you can increase conversion, enhance market tactics, and lead your company to succeed in the market. 


Antheia Services Limited offers high-quality dating project development services with state-of-the-art B2C technology solutions. In addition, it provides the required expertise needed for the job.

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