How To Ask A Girl On A Date

There is only one thing scarier than the first date: asking her out again. The jitters will go away with a little experienced help, believe it or not; but when you still feel like you need a little push, you’re in the right place. This article contains the top 10 tips for the first date to keep you moving on the right path:

1. Chill out and do a little research beforehand before leaving the house. What are you going to do before you ask her out? Stroll around a mall? Check out a book store? Go for a walk in a park? If you have something planned, you will be more prepared about what to say when you ask her out.

2. Make a list of things you want to talk about. Then make another list of things you’d like her to talk about. Last, jot down your list of questions, topics, etc. You’re going to wish you had another list of things to do before asking her out. Don’t stress about it; the more lists you tend to make, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes time to ask her out.

3. Have a setting chosen that isn’t going to make her feel threatened. No matter how much you love her, some women are going to feel threatened by it. So you want to avoid locations that create that kind of emotion. Go for a friends’ house, dinner, the movies, a beach or bowling. Each of these will minimize the chances of a circuitous path to friendship.

4. Make the date social, but not socialistic. Such as, don’t think of it as a girls night out or the prize of catching a date. Make it social, but let’s not forget about a lot of individuals. There are going to be numerous faces in this crowd so you will need a way to break the ice without causing a scene. Smile, introduce yourself, and shake her hand warmly. If she smiles back at you it shows her you’re acceptable to her.

5. Do your homework, too. You just need to brush up your knowledge on wealth building, personal development, and attraction. It’s not that hard.

6. Do not invite strangers into your home especially if they’re not ‘someone’ acquaintance. Friends will start saying no in no time if recognize the smell of a sweaty palm. ( exclaim begins “I can’t believe she just said that with her hand held out so dramatically!”)

7. Have some sense of humor to leave her with. Do not start asking about her stars, her day at work, or what little sister she has. Find jokes in your life and see where they take us.

8. If it is our first date, we need to talk a little about yourself. Find out about her hometown, school, college, hobbies, interests and maybe we can find something in common. But do not leave too much to the imagination. What you expose about yourselves leaves so much to the imagination that it can be very hard to look forward to the rest of the necessary information.

9. Do not invite the girl to dinner and a movie without telling her where you’re going. It puts too much pressure on her.

10. If things do not work out, it must be for a good reason. Think about your reasons for enticing conversation with her and if there is something that can be improved between you, then bring it up in your next conversation. But be ready to either laugh off the comment, explain how it does not reflect on your personality, or say it was not meant to be.

Beauty and brains is a winning combination anytime and anywhere!

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