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7 Simple Ways to Show Your Feelings For Your Man on Valentine’s Day

Your Feelings – This would be the most wonderful time of the year — Valentine’s Day. To love and be loved is a most wonderful and rewarding experience. But let’s face it, finding a Valentine’s Day date can be difficult. Any girl who’s not confident about a guy picking her up from work could have a hard time finding a date for V-Day. If you’re single and teasingly teasing about a guy you find sexy, it can be difficult to know just what to say to keep him interested.

You can use these 7 simple ways to show your feelings for your man on Valentine’s Day

  1. Call and turn him into the most loving and romantic blossom.

Love him with all your might — and then some. This means putting him in the most important position. Call him every night before he goes to bed, have sweet, romantic conversations with him.

  1. Do something special for him.

Surprise him with a candle-light dinner at his favorite restaurant. Have a red rose presented at his work with a note that asks how he’s doing. Arrange for a limo to bring him to a romantic mall where you can have a candlelight dinner and create a special moment for him.

Your Feelings

Your Feelings

  1. Show how much he means to you.

When you see each other in public, hold his hand. Walk arm in arm. Pretend that nobody is looking at you Your Feelings. (This is a mistake that most people make when they’re out with a handsome guy.) Look deeply into his eyes every time you gaze into his eyes.

  1. Wear a something special. wear an outfit that is just a little too sexy — it won’t tease, it won’t conform. It will be a little too revealing, a little too much to stop people from tangling their fingers through your hair and clothes. Choose something enticing, something that will fill you both with passion.
  2. Let your body do the talking.

Work on telling him everything you had to say in less time than you can recall. Show him your sense of humor. Describe how Your Feelings when you’re in love, or when you’re about to answer a question. Make him crave to hear your voice in certain situations, because he will be reminded of that feeling when he’s away from you.

Your Feelings

  1. Tell him how bad the last day must have been.

Tell him horror stories that are meant to bring a smile on his face. Tell him of the ups and downs he has (sometimes they’re bad and sometimes they’re good). Be humble, be gentle, and — above all — let your voice be heard. Let him know that you love him and that no other could get him, especially not another man.

  1. Don’t forget to make him breakfast through the day. breakfast can be a powerful aphrodisiac. breakfast, may be even more so. it can demonstrate to him just how much you care about him. breakfast expresses so many thoughts, some of which may be negative. But just think of the bright side: he’s not likely to be thinking about his breakfast the whole day, so every once in a while, deliver him breakfast in bed, or when you’re about to wake him up in the morning.

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday where almost everyone has something slightly romantic on the agenda. But even the plain vanilla “Happy Valentines Day” can become so much more when you take the initiative and celebrate.

Your Feelings

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