Why Guys Never Seem to Approach You

Do You Often Wonder Why Guys Never Seem to Approach You?

Why Guys Never Seem to Approach You ? It can be quite aiform experience when you are in a socialite mood and you see a group of guys looking at you, but whenyou look back you wonder why they never approached to talk toyou. Well, there could be many reasons for that;

He could be insecure:

Well, if he is in any way nervous, it might be affecting his body language.He might not want to approach you because he is afraid of rejection. May be he feels that he is not good enough for you. Well, if any guy feels that way, he will not find it easy to approachyou.

He could be scared of your response:

Maybe he has just broken up with his girlfriend or he has not been visible for a while, and he doesn’t want to initiate his return.Guys fear rejection, so possibly he has some experience of that, and he might be hesitating to approachyou, because he is not so sure of your reaction to his approach.

He could be a beginner:

Maybe he has just started out, and he is not sure of his performance.He might be afraid of approaching you, and of your response.Perhaps this guy has a low self esteem.He might be giving out a negative signal saying that he is just a beginner in getting in the social circle, but if you think positively and have a positive attitude, and start to engage with this guy, then he might get the message thatyou are open to him approaching you Why Guys Never Seem to Approach You .

There could be no chemistry:

There might not be any chemistry between the two of you.That might be the reason he has stayed away.He might not feel any chemistry with this girl, and he wants to stay that way.He might be the kind of guy who keeps looking for amore, a girlfriend or a partner in order to feel better about himself.

There could be an unresponsiveness in him:

It could be that he is a guy who is not interested in you and with whom you can’t have a relationship.He might not be interested in talking with you, he might not assist you with whatever you are doing, and he might not be interested in being in any particular relationship.

There could be an uncertainty in his part:

Perhaps what he has is a confusing personality.Your man might not be sure of his feelings towards you, maybe he is uncertain of his feelings towards you and he needs some space to work things out for himself.This kind of man is not really suitable for you to have a relationship.He might belong to the category of guys who never develop serious relationships or maybe he would only want a casual relationship with you.

There could be no common interests:

Why Guys Never Seem to Approach You

What could be the reason that would make him want to develop a relationship with you is that he might not find anything common between you two.Hence, there is no common interest.What he thinks is friendship might not be so, he might only be interested in having a close friendship with you and nothing more.Your man might not be interested in developing a relationship with you and he wants to stay away for now.

These are the common mistakes that men do when they are approaching women, but these may not be the only reasons why guys are not willing to develop a relationship with any woman.There could also be physical or even emotional problems in him that he needs to work on, hence he is not willing to get into a relationship.Hence, he is pinching himself to avoid getting emotionally involved with you.

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