A Man’s Dating Story of Tragedy and Dreams

A Man’s Dating Story of Tragedy and Dreams.The first time I felt the sting of heartbreak was on Valentine’s Day of a memorable year dedicated to love and happy moments. Of course I never forgot the day and the moment, but only felt sorry for myself for a day or two. I thought that somehow those heartbreakers would never happen to me. I was wrong.

It is the story of how a relationship with a special girl turned into a fantasy of mine and entombed a year of misery for me. It is the story of how even I can turn a moment into a nightmare, but for that matter a lifetime of happiness.

It is the story of how, after more than a decade of dating experience, dabbling with online dating and ultimately coming out of that experience a happier person and an even better lover. I became her boyfriend and as of this moment am writing this as anuruwith serene and unemotional feelings yet active interest. I had realized at the beginning of our relationship that sharing the truth about past relationships is crucial to fixing the ones that are not getting the love and dedication they deserve.

I want to be vulnerable and share the most important truth of all

I was the other person in my late mother-in-law’s marriage, nobody’s fool. My late mother-in-law had suffered in her marriage for many years, not even having a year’s private practice before her last marriage. To her surprise, not only was she get divorced and given a divorce, but was convinced put herself back on the market with a new husband and soon put a good one together. I was her Plan B so to speak.

A Man's Dating Story of Tragedy and Dreams

I put all of this experience and the memories of my private practice to good use starting this year. I took the time to listen and pay attention to what is happening to her now and even past relationships. It has been a fascinating and very humbling experience, as she tells me the story of how she fell in love with an eighteen year old patient A Man’s Dating Story of Tragedy and Dreams. With this girl it never occurred to me that she would turn out to be so important. I must admit, listening to her marriage story was formative for me in seeing the way she views life, her importance as an individual and how she views love and intimate relationships. It has been a revelation.

A Man’s Dating Story of Tragedy and Dreams

Now, as a single man and a part-time professional, I have found my feminine side and developed the confidence I never had before making the transformation I needed. I want to help other men and women find their bliss that way. I spent my time away from my computer and phone browsing the profiles of other hopeful singles. I have been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails from men and women interested in getting to know me better. It has been incredible to put the book down and listen to these people as they share their stories of hope and how they would like to find love.


I can tell you thatmississuing cards or emails or calling late night to find out how they are can be draining for the most earnest of individuals. It takes energy. And to think that I once might have shared my story as this or that, it feels flattering and yet, unreal. It feels good to have new friends as I get older. I have had wonderful partners in my lifetime and I know that love is waiting for me and coming my way. One day I will wake up and find myself in blissful relationship.

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