Girl Addicted to You

How to Make a Girl Addicted to You – Sure Fire Tactics No Guy Should Miss at All

Girl Addicted to You – There’s a great change in the way men are treating women of today’s world. Back in the day, men were supposed to be much more interested in impressing a girl and taking her out on exciting dates, hoping that she would see him as someone she could have a serious relationship with. But today, men are realizing that being cute or being in a relationship isn’t enough to impress a girl, because what really attracts her is a guy who is great in bed. Sounds interesting, and right up your alley, right?

If you want to be that man, you have to understand how women think and work with that to your advantage. Read on to find out how to make a girl addicted to you in no time.

Be Challenging -Girls never like guys whoore predictable, especially during the first few months of dating. Men who are challenging initially get the girl of their dreams because they are different from the rest of the boys who fall for her on the first emerge of a relationship.

Girl Addicted to You

Reign back the Time -If you want to hook a girl, you must learn to spend your own time and hers together. During the first few weeks and months of being ‘together’, being on a time table is the worst thing you can do Girl Addicted to You. The supposedly romantic moments will mean nothing if you are missing the rest of your daily time – which is the time you work and which you are supposed to spend with her.

RelationshipFeedback -There’s a big part of dating today that is based on the feedback you get from the girl. Her opinions mean a lot, and that does not mean that you should just agree to everything she has to say. If you start doing that, you are sure to lose her in the end. As with many things in life, you should do what you think is best, but if you are wrong, be wrong.

Befabulous -No matter how old-fashioned it sounds, keep your wardrobe up to date and be fashionable. Girls will be able to tell, through your clothes, where you were born and go through all the changes anytime you might need to date her. Wearing a cheap T-shirt and faded jeans will do nothing to impress a girl. Wear clothes that you already wear and make some changes to the way you dress. Simple things like excessive jewelry, a few buttons unbuttoned, would have a huge affect on the way you look.

Have Confidence -While talking to a girl, always have confidence in who you are and what you tell her. If she thinks that a man cannot hold a conversation Girl Addicted to You, it is hopeless from the very beginning. Over confidence might be great on the movies, but it does not work well in real life.

Girl Addicted to You

Know what to say, or what the conversation topic should be, even if it is something unusual. Be well spoken and captivating, complimenting a woman would be extra points. Women are sensitive, so they would know if you are faking it.

Be Mysterious -Nothing is more enigmatic than a man who will not give a complete story. Tell her just enough so that she wanting to know more, but leave out some de

tails. Tell her that you wanted to tell her something, but didn’t have time. Tell her you will give her the details after you meet, and then wait. You’d be surprised at what she will do to anticipate what you will say.

Girl Addicted to You

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