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Research suggests that usage of the top dating sites, namely (Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder) grew by 20% within the last three years. Although COVID-19 has changed how we socialize, dating app usage is still high compared to the pre-pandemic levels.

Online dating sites are expected to have over 275 million users as of 2024.

Popular dating site Badoo has almost 30 million organic visitors as of January 2022.

Top dating sites are still vying for users’ attention by rolling out new features like the Swipe Party by Tinder. Not to be left behind, its competitor Bumble made its first acquisition, Fruitz, a Gen-Z dating app.

What if you joined the ranks with your dating app? DateWare White Label Online Platform is the easiest way for online entrepreneurs to create their dating apps.

Create Your Online Dating Platform Using DateWare

DateWare is essentially a sophisticated social media platform that helps affiliates, marketers, and online entrepreneurs to build a thriving community. The platform offers you everything you need to get your dating site up and running, including customizable design templates, user management tools, in-depth analytics, and many more.

The best part of all, it is easy to learn and requires no coding knowledge or development skills. Furthermore, with multiple design options, the social media platform gives you complete control over the design and helps create a unique look for your website.

Why DateWare Services?

DateWare platform provides you with the opportunity of building your social media or online dating platform. Do you need an IT background? No, all you need is to spend a day, and your dating platform is ready in about 50 different languages.

Here are some of the more interesting DateWare features you may want to look at:

  • Customizable Design

With multiple design options, including 60+ templates, you can select one that best suits your website. The customizable design options ensure that your DateWare dating platform is unique and not one among the many out there.

  • No Coding

DateWare White Label Online Platform helps you build your dating platform in under one business day. The in-built tools allow you to customize your community the way you want it with the help of tailored templates.

  • Social Integration

DateWare’s social integration feature allows you to connect your dating platform to popular social media. Log in to your online dating platform via your Facebook or Google, confirm access, and your account is set up.

  • Monetization options

DateWare offers both pay-as-you-go and one-off payment options with the help of their advanced E-commerce Module. In addition, all major payment platforms come integrated into the platform.

  • Compatibility

DateWare online platform is designed to be compatible on both web and mobile. Their fully responsive design means their performance doesn’t vary –  whatever the device, be it laptops, mobile devices, or TV.

  • In-depth analytics

As a DateWare user, you have complete control of your product performance with the help of various analytics tools, including user behaviour, ROI calculation, conversion, funnel analysis, etc.

In Short:

DateWare charters a new path in the social media world, enabling new businesses to create their own social media platform to put forward their brands. They offer a vast scope for webmasters,  affiliates, and entrepreneurs to earn money via revenues, subscriptions, and online courses. Not to mention their 24/7 client support services.

Description: DateWare is your one-stop shop for all your social media needs, from creating a dating platform to social media, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, and more.

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