What Do Men Want in a Woman? 3 Traits That Will Draw Men to You Like a Magnet

So what do men want in a woman? This question has been around since the first time a man and a woman would meet and they are interested in each other. Men always say that they have only one kind of woman in their mind and this is the pleaser.

Whatever the truth of the matter may be, you need to able to influence your man in a way which will draw him to you. You see the reason why most man do not like strong and opinionated women is due to the fact that they feel that they have no say in the matter. When you give your man that impression why does he feel that he has not gain power in the relationship which he needs?

So therefore in order to get your man to not only like you but also be attracted to you, you need to have the appropriate traits. These traits will make you hard to resist in the long run and we will get to these traits in this article. So let’s get started….

Confidence- This is the first trait which men really like in their women. Why do you think that average women have more chances of getting into a relationship with a hot guy whereas women with less than average looks never even get a decent date? Well! The answer is quite simple. Men are hard working and gives a lot and have lower social value. They never know when to quit and are very independent. Having a confident female companion, who believes in herself and knows her worth is something which appeals to them a lot.


The second trait which one likes to display in his woman is his dependability. Men on the other hand are hard working but work is never at their duties. They want to have a good time with their women at all times. Having an ever exciting woman which always keep them looking forward is what they want. So through the course of the relationship; you should try to develop a dependable nature which will ease their burden.

Shared and common goals and ambitions

Men at times lose their target and lose interest in the things they Lip Verb and have power in life therefore always want some one around who supports their political and social goals and also have common day to day activities. A good common partner whom he can share common goals and also common day to day activities with.


Men are always attracted to generous women but never would commit early in the relationship, whereas women open themselves in the relationship a lot around the guy and develops feelings for him. Since men are very strong in their desire to accomplish their aim, they would find it extremely difficult to open up early and let the woman know about it. thus when they are in relationship for long time they feel inadequate when they don’t get progress in the relationship.

This is the reason why in the long run they feel bad about the relationship and try to get ways to get out of it. But as they don’t know what would t cause the cat to come in the box, they keep trying until they reach an valley of nothingness and eventually they realize that it has happened. Such a relationship we call as a DHV.

And now let me share the most unforgettable example of a DHV which you can apply on your next date.

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