How Can You Tell If He is Dating Someone Else?

How Can You Tell If He is Dating Someone Else?

Is he dating someone else? This is the question that many women wonder about when they are not getting any action from their man. You can find out for sure if he is indeed dating someone else by doing these 4 things:

1. He will never meet his friends when he is hanging around you

When a guy is dating someone else, meeting his friends becomes a challenge. Why is he not able to meet them when he is supposed to be spending time with you? What does he gain from them when he is not with you? Probably the answers to these questions are that:

  • He could be doing sabotage from them.
  • The subject of dating more than once girl at a time is a big topic for him.
  • It could be something more than dating.
  • He could be interested in another woman.

2. No matter how much you spoke about how much you love him, it seems like he does not listen and certainly he will not give you any signs as to what is going on.

3. He never showers you with gifts

Usually gifts play a big role in a guy’s and girlfriend’s relationship. But when he never shows up with any gift and he is rather lacking in giving you gifts, it is possible that he might be having something in his life more important than you. It is a good idea to be observant of the way he behaves about Gift giving.

4. He never talks about his future plans

Nowadays, when guys are dating multiple women, they never touch the subject of commitment. They never talk about what they plan for themselves in the future; their dreams, their future together as a couple. If he is fading away from you, don’t be surprised if he might be playing around with the idea of never settling down with you and settling down is something he is not ready for at the moment.

What can you do when you are together?

How Can You Tell If He is Dating Someone Else?
Now that you know these things, there is nothing to be left to guess, if he is dating someone else, you should know without a shadow of a doubt where you stand. The best thing to do is to contact your guy and let him know about the situation. He will not commit or let the relationship down. Call him and as calmly and coolly as you can. Let him know that you think there is something more than what you are letting on.

You both have the right to be innocent until you have a serious talk. But it will not work if you keep guessing what is wrong.

  • Be honest with him – Be ready to give him an ultimatum if you are sure that he is indeed dating someone else. This will show the guy through his attitude that he has been at least notice that you care for him which will surely prompt him to look at you with more than just courtesy. Shorter conversations, future plans that do not involve him under any circumstances, rushing into his bed and if you are lucky he may even turn into a player.
  • Be aware of what you want – Be clear as what you want from the relationship. If he is just wasting your time, calling just for the sake of keeping the conversation alive, than you need to do something about it. You would not like it if he keeps asking you out for a drink or a movie and makes up lousy excuses as to why he cannot make it.
  • The truth he would like to keep it to himself – Be sure when you know the truth, then you can put your heart out there and be more confident that the guy really likes you and is curious enough to want to know you.
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